A-Robert Bridges

OFFICIAL NUMBER:214903  BUILT: 1916 as the Robert Bridges.  LENGTH: 101.5 BEAM: 30.0  DEPTH 10.5 GROSS/NET TONNAGE: 168/114  PASSENGER CAPACITY: 120  AUTOS:  8, or
"five teams"  

HISTORY: Built at the yards of J.F. Duthie & Co. for operation by the Port of Seattle on the West Seattle crossing (as
Robert Bridges).
In 1923 she was converted from steam to diesel and renamed
Mount Vernon to take over the Anacortes-Sidney route from the Harvester King.  In 1927, the Mount Vernon was assigned to
the newly created Port Townsend-Keystone route.  Later sold to the Chuckanut-Interisland Ferry Company in 1939.  She sailed the summer of 1941 between Orcas Island and Gooseberry
Point, a service that was shut down after WWII started, never to restart.

FINAL DISPOSITION: Scrapped around 1953.

Photos courtesy of Captain Raymond W Hughes Collection.