BUILT: 1924, Ballard Marine Railway, Seattle
L/B/D: 65 x 24 x 8 GROSS/NET TONS: 41/36  PASSENGERS/AUTOS: 174/18 cars
HISTORY: Operated by Berte Olson on the Deception Pass ferry route, the vessel was later part of Olson's fleet on Hood Canal.  After being sold in 1936, the vessel was converted into a
fishing boat.
NAME TRANSLATION: In 1790, this geographic feature was named Boca de Flon by Manuel Quimper. The same name was charted by Juan Francisco de Eliza. Capt. George Vancouver
named it Port Gardner in 1792 not knowing that the channel was open at the west end. When Joseph Whidbey of his command found the western outlet, Vancouver renamed it Deception
Passage, because he had been deceived as to its nature. In 1841, Cmdr. Charles Wilkes used Vancouver's name on his charts.
FINAL DISPOSITION: Turned into a commercial fishing vessel, still in service.

Photos courtesy of Bayless Collection and Brandon Moser.