Queen of New Westminster
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The MV Queen of New Westminster is a Canadian roll-on, roll-off passenger ferry operated by BC Ferries.[1]
The vessel was built as a V class ferry in 1964, and retains most of the characteristics of the other V class ferries, but is not considered a V class ferry because of its improved powerplants. Its only remaining
sister ships are Burnaby Class ferries
Queen of Nanaimo and Queen of Burnaby, which are also not considered V class vessels because they don't have the additional car deck which was added to the four V
class ferries, and to the
Queen of New Westminster.
Though most of her sister ships were retired and sold off over the 2000s, she had a major refit of her passenger areas between late 2007 and early 2009, to prepare her for another ten to fifteen years of service.
Official Number 0322953   Year Built 1964  Ship Name QUEEN OF NEW WESTMINSTER   Port of Registry VICTORIA
General Statistics
Gross Tonnage 8,785.86 t Net Tonnage 6,954.21 t Construction Type CARVEL/FLUSH  Ship Length 120.24 m Construction Material STEEL
Ship Breadth 23.20 m Ship Depth 5.12 m
Engine Description DIESEL  Number of Engines 4  Propulsion Type SELF-PROPELLED  Speed (knots) 20.0 Propulsion Method TWIN SCREW  Propulsion
Power 18096
The Queen of New Westminster
Queen of New Westminster in July of 2018.  Photo courtesy of Brandon Swan.