Don't believe rumors that the old Washington State Ferry Kulshan sank a
number of years ago in New York Harbor: she's alive and well and still sailing

Crown City was the jewel in the San Diego-Coronado Ferry Company fleet.  
Built in 1954, she was the most modern ferry on the water, and her design
reflected that.  More barge-like in appearance, the open deck was well suited for
sunny  San Diego.  Many  pleasant sunny and temperate afternoons could be
spent walking the open car deck, watching the city of San Diego approach in the

In her role as the
Kulshan, this attribute would prove to be less than popular.

Edging out the
San Diego as the darling of postcards of the ferries in San Diego,
Crown City too was forced out of a job in 1969.

In need of expanding the fleet with more reliable vessels, Washington State
Ferries snapped up the
Crown City and refurbished her, sending her to the
Clinton-Mukilteo route, where  she worked for many years.  As her career was
winding down with Washington State Ferries, she moved around, working on
Hood Canal after the floating bridge sank, and even making a brief appearance
in the film
An Officer and A Gentleman. (About mid-way through the film.  Debra
Winger is walking across the deck and her placard reading KULSHAN is easily

WSF sold her in 1982 to the Coast Guard--at a hefty profit.  The  ex-
Crown City  
went out to New York, renamed Governor, working from Governor's Island to New
York City. (The Coast Guard isn't known for giving ferries imaginative names,
from what I've been told.
)  They added a narrow passenger cabin to one side of
the boat, but otherwise left the ferry unchanged.

The Coast Guard finished up with her in 1994, and put her up for sale.  The ferry
authority at Martha's Vineyard purchased the ferry, where she has been ever
since. Today the old
Crown City is working her final years for the Steamship
Authority.  Her replacement is in service, and it's likely the
Crown City will be sold
eventually  for scrapping.

See the entry on the
KULSHAN for more photos.
Built: 1954 Official Number: 267527  Call Sign: WF6787 Length: 242' 1.5"  Engines: 2 Beam: 65'1.5" Horsepower: 1,200 Draft: 11' 6''Speed in Knots: 13 Max
Passengers: 350 Propulsion: Diesel-Electric(DC)  Max Vehicles: 65 Gross  Tonnage: 678   City Built: Oakland, CA
Year Built/Re-built: 1954
The Crown City in her heyday, the 1950's.  Photo courtesy of Brandon Moser.
Top: an early color card of the ferry.  At some point, the woodwork around her pilot house
was removed.  Bottom: a hand-tinted postcard. Author's collection.