Vessel Information
Vessel: MALASPINA VIN: 290288 Flag: United States Call-Sign: WI6803 Year Built: 1963
Vessel Particulars
Service: Passenger Length: 372.2 ft Breadth:73.5 ft Depth: 23.5
Tonnage Information
Gross Tonnage(GRT):2928.0 Net Tonnage(NRT):1253.0 Gross Tonnage(GT ITC):9121
Photo courtesy of Guy deGouville.
Malaspina, 352-foot Alaska state ferry, fitted with a new midsection at Swan Island, Portland, giving her a length of 408 feet and accommodations for 750
passengers and 134 passenger vehicles, the $6 million modernization including a heated upper deck solarium for better viewing of the majestic scenery on her
Marine Highway voyages from Seattle to Skagway. Gordon Newell, "Maritime Events of 1972,"
H. W. McCurdy Marine History of the Pacific Northwest 1966 to
1975., p.116.

From Wikipedia:
M/V Malaspina, colloquially known as the Mal, is a mainline ferry and the original Malaspina-class vessel for the Alaska Marine Highway System. The Malaspina
is nearly identical to its sister ship, the M/V Matanuska.

Designed by Philip F. Spaulding & Associates, constructed in 1963 by the Lockheed Shipbuilding Yards in Seattle, Washington and elongated in 1972 at the
Willamette Iron and Steel Company in Portland, Oregon, the M/V
Malaspina has been in the ferry system for over forty years. As a mainline ferry, it serves the
larger of the inside passage communities (such as Ketchikan, Petersburg, and Sitka), its route spans the entirety of the inside passage, beginning runs in
either Bellingham, Washington or Prince Rupert, British Columbia and running to the northernmost Alaskan Panhandle community of Skagway. Beginning in
the late 1990s, the Malaspina has mostly operated during the summer months as a "dayboat" in the upper Lynn Canal, making daily roundtrips between
Juneau and Skagway with stops in Haines, Alaska.

Malaspina's amenities include a hot-food cafeteria; cocktail lounge and bar; solarium; forward, aft, movie, and business lounges; gift shop; 54 four-berth
cabins; and 29 two-berth cabins.

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