Vessel Information
Vessel: MATANUSKA VIN: 291533 Flag: United States Call-Sign: WN4201 Year Built: 1963 Service: Passenger Length: 372.2 ft Breadth:73.5 ft Depth: 23.5
Gross Tonnage(GRT):3029.0 Net Tonnage(NRT):1235.0 Gross Tonnage(GT ITC):9214
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Matanuska, colloquially known as the Mat, is a mainline Malaspina-class ferry vessel for the Alaska Marine Highway System.

In 1959, as Alaska became a state, voters approved $18 Million dollars in bonds to build its Marine Highway and associated harbor facilities.
Philip F. Spaulding & Associates, was given the contract to design 4 vessels. Three of these ships would dramatically expand service to south-east Alaska, and
a fourth ship initiated service to south-central Alaska and the Aleutian chain. The third of the south-east sister ships built was the
Matanuska constructed in
1963 by Puget Sound Bridge & Dry Dock in Seattle, Washington. The
Matanuska was lengthened by 56 feet in 1978 at the Willamette Iron & Shipbuilding
Company in Portland Oregon.

In June of 2012, the MV
Matanuska will have served the AMHS over fifty years.

Matanuska is a mainline ferry, serving the larger communities of the Alaskan Panhandle (such as Ketchikan, Petersburg, and Sitka). Matanuska’s route
spans the entirety of the Alaskan inside passage, often beginning in Prince Rupert, British Columbia or Bellingham, Washington north to Skagway. The
Matanuska is not ocean-certified, and therefore cannot run across the gulf of Alaska or out the Aleutian Chain.[citation needed]

Matanuska is similar to its sister ship, the Malaspina, but larger than Taku which was never stretched beyond her original size.

The ship's amenities include a hot-food cafeteria; cocktail lounge and bar; solarium; forward, aft, movie, and business lounges; gift shop; 4 four-berth cabins;
23 three-berth cabins; and 80 two-berth cabins.